Doctor Benefit

Focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness

Provide mobile-based dynamic interactions that fulfill critical needs in the moment, direct communication with YOUR patient, booking appointments, accessing and sharing ID cards.

Extend Healthcare Beyond Boundaries

Inspire better outcomes by making treatment accessible to patients on their terms and interactive to understand behaviors and promote adherence.

    Order Management & Documentation
    Medication Administration
    Billing and Insurance Claims Settlement
    Appointments & Scheduling
    Electronic Health Records - EHR
    Physician’s Desk References
    Inventory and Supplies Management

Advanced analytics and case management functions enable your practice to:

    Generate data-driven, evidence-based insights by combining unstructured data with traditional structured data to gain insights and predict outcomes across patients
    Enable new intervention opportunities
    Identify at-risk patients and better anticipate healthcare outcomes
    Augment an organization's longitudinal patient records with patient data harvested through unstructured analytics
    Deliver accountable, coordinated and patient-centered care

Drive loyalty and retention by helping individuals take control of their healthcare with access to essential information at one touch and the ability to execute tasks from a single mobile channel, iDirectDoc.